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Spring Plans for Summer Fun!

We hope that you are keeping well and enjoying the welcome signs of Spring. People are making plans now and we'd like to tell you about ours: First, a reminder about our Laughter Lines project - the idea is simple. Just dress your window with artwork on a washing line (or similar) over the weekend 2-5 April, take photos and send them to us for an online gallery on our website. We would love for you to take part.

For the summer we have a slightly shortened festival thanks to Covid restrictions, but there's still plenty going on. Here it is in a nutshell.

All events are now on this site so take a look at the EVENTS page.

Tickets for Anne Boleyn by Lesley Smith (June 21) and Great Gatsby by Heartbreak Productions (June 23) are now available online. Our usual ticket outlets, Michaelmas House and MBCL, are still closed until mid April but they will have tickets for sale soon after that.

Tickets for Atalanta by Mikron Theatre are limited and are not yet released - they will be for sale only online at Mikron's website - more on this later. This event is outdoors on the Parish Field.

Aside from these three ticketed events we are running our popular BOULES MATCH and you can find details & application forms online.

The Big Weekend will go ahead on the Parish Field 26-27th June, details online, events both Saturday, including Craft Market, and Sunday. All outdoors, on the Parish Field.

Finally, our header photo depicting a metamorphosis hints at a project new to the festival, called CHANGING TIMES (an appropriate theme we thought!)

Since we are unable to run the Art Exhibition we are aiming to place art in windows around the town. Look out for this from June 11th. If you are an interested artist, or a shop/property owner in Bosworth market place willing to provide window space, pleasecontact us.

The programme is outlined in April's ASPECT and GRAPHIC as well as here from the EVENTS page at & on the toolbar at the top of the page.

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