An Audience with
King Henry VIII

This event was cancelled in 2020 but we hope it will now take place at a date to be confirmed in mid June 2021, at Bosworth Hall Hotel. 

Come back and check again later.

Adult only £5

(no concessions, suitable 16+)

Limited availability on the door.

 The ‘King’ recounts his life, telling of his wives, children, and the events of his long reign, in a most forceful fashion. He is ill and is greatly pained by his badly infected leg and, although recently married to his sixth wife, he appears an angry and vengeful man! An opportunity to hear his views and ask questions and petition the King.

Drinks available from the bar.

Tickets available from :

tel  079301049408

Also available from The Graphic, Wheatseaf Courtyard 

Market Bosworth

Note : We are very pleased to support this event which is run by The Bosworth Society to whom all enquires should be addressed.