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Live Music

Saturday 15th June


Learners from JAM Music Schools kick off the live stage on Saturday 15th June, from 10.30am. A wide range of songs will be performed, from Biffy Clyro to The Vaccines, Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Bastille, Kings of Leon to Bryan Ferry, Ed Sheeran to Harry Styles and loads more! Several local school bands are also taking part, along with an adult learners group.


This part of the program will take us through to about 5.00pm when the ‘evening sessions’ begin. We feature local cover bands The Stoke Roses and Saint, and we are proud to present for the evening concert, popular local ska band, The Social Ignition – get your skanking shoes on and join us until 9pm!

Saturday Music Sponsored By

Sunday 16th June


More free, live music follows on Sunday 16th June from 10.30am. We present a varied selection of tunes featuring local talent, such as the best of the Swing era by Jack Lawton, ‘Pop’ covers by Banjaxed and by way of something different, a selection of classics by the Carlton Rock Choir! The weekend music will be rounded off by the popular band The Upsiders.

Come on down, relax and enjoy a fabulous weekend of live music!

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